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See how Facebook got hacked
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Adversary Competes in Black Unicorn Awards for 2019
Adversary Nominated in Most Prestigious Awards for Cybersecurity Companies Who Have the Potential of Being Valued at $1B

REYKJAVIK MAY 6, 2019Adversary, the cybersecurity industry’s leading provider of security training for developers today announced that is has been nominated for a Black Unicorn Award for 2019.

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Security training at your own pace
The best strategy to counter cybercrime lies not in technological security solutions but rather well-trained individuals who understand security threats as well as their adversary’s mindset and can adapt to new attacks.

The challenge

Companies today face enormous cybersecurity challenges, losing hundreds of billions of euros collectively every year due to data breaches exploited by hackers. Cybersecurity is famously hard, and attackers are increasingly...

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Curious how Facebook got hacked? Try it out for yourself!
Here we’ll discuss and demonstrate Facebook’s latest data breach along with providing a realistic simulation which recreates the events that took place.

Like other security enthusiasts, we have been avidly following the latest Facebook attack where access tokens for 30 million users were stolen. Large-scale breaches from hacking naturally attract significant attention, despite them being...