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Re-enact the Panama Papers Leak
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Prevention is key: Advice from a former police officer turned security engineer
Despite the obvious differences between being a police officer and security engineer, the mindset when doing the job and importance of preventative measures are similar.

We’re lucky enough to share an office with our sister company, Syndis, and get access to their experience and expertise in the security industry. Their team lead/security engineer, Bergsteinn, used to be a police officer here in Iceland...

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Why learning to think offensively is key to writing secure code
With cybercrime on the rise and data privacy regulations increasing, it's crucial that developers write secure code and that organizations take the initiative to train them regularly and effectively.

Cybercrime is an ever-increasing issue in contemporary society as we become more and more reliant on technology, not only to run our every-day lives, but to store our personal and private information. Almost every aspect of our lives...

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3 Dangers of Learning by Pentest Report Alone
Penetration testing is an important part of the Software Development Lifecycle, but it's important to learn how to improve in many ways.

Penetration tests are a critical part of any organization’s security program. There’s no doubt that you should always be evaluating the state of the security of the organization on a regular basis. After all, if you (or a contracted third...

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It’s a Wrap: Adversary’s Highlights from 2019
2019 was an exciting year here at Adversary and we'd love to share with you our highlights.

The end of 2019 marks the end of a decade. Although Adversary hasn’t been around for anywhere close to a decade, sometimes it feels like it with all that we’ve accomplished in our very short history. Our story started in 2014 when our...

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How Dohop Used Adversary to Fulfill the PCI Security Training Requirement
Dohop needed an online tool to fulfill the security training requirement for PCI compliance. Read why Adversary was the right choice for them.

About Dohop

Dohop is a travel technology company. On their B2C side, they provide a flight comparison website that helps you find and compare flights. On the B2B side, they create and operate connection platforms for airlines and Interline...

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Your Developers Should be Your SDLC Immune System
The SDLC of an organization is not unlike the immune system of an organism. Here's how to strengthen your security health.

How do you go about ensuring the safety of the systems that your engineers develop? You can hire security experts (at great expense), who will review all code for security flaws. You can, and should, have a strict peer review process in...