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How to Retain Cybersecurity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In these uncertain times it’s as important as ever to protect our corporate and personal data. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Unfortunately when any kind of crisis hits, it becomes a prime time for criminals to take advantage of the situation when we’re all at our most vulnerable. With the entire world preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic and what that means for them, their families, businesses, and livelihood it also unfortunately presents an opportunity for scammers and hackers to take advantage of the fear and panic that a situation like this creates.

We’ve already seen cases of hackers using a coronavirus map to install malware and it was recently released that the US department of health was hacked and circulated fake news about the US planning a nationwide lockdown.

In these uncertain times it’s difficult enough to navigate what is true and real and know the best way to protect ourselves from both physically and virtually. So what can we do?

Keep calm and protect your data

In this time of health crisis it’s as important as ever to not only to “keep calm and wash our hands”, but to also keep calm and protect our data.

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Businesses might be turning their attention away from security for the time being to deal with what seem to be more pressing issues like organizing the workforce to work from home, identifying new revenue streams, or perhaps shifting resources and bracing themselves for the months to come. All of those things are critical, but it’s also important to not let the security of your company suffer.

Make sure security fits into your processes and workflows

Businesses are reviewing their processes and workflows during this time to adjust to a new way of working. They might also be altering their product offerings and adjusting almost daily as the current environment and policies change. Whether this new reality lasts a few weeks, months, or even changes the way we work as a society in the long term, it’s important to ensure that security fits into those plans if it doesn’t already. 

As restaurants shuffle to offer more take-away options, banks better online services, healthcare providers reliable information, and software companies new features for collaborating better from home, it’s also paramount to keep security at top of mind as we adapt quickly to the changes in our society as a result of the virus. 

All businesses need to create value for their customers quickly, but they also need to remain trustworthy and secure. 

Be extra vigilant of phishing scams and fraud

Another thing we are unfortunately seeing is a rise in phishing scams targeting people by saying they’re providing important information about the coronavirus. Once these emails have been opened computers are infected with malware. 

It’s always important to be on the lookout for phishing scams, but right now we need to be extra vigilant to not click any email links coming from an unknown source. Here are some guidelines from CISA on how to recognize and avoid such scams.

Precautions to take when working from homeWhite cat with home office in the background

Many of us are now working remotely and we don’t know for how long. For those of us not used to telecommuting, there are a lot of threats to the security of our company’s data that comes from working at home that we are most likely unaware of. Not only do we need to learn how to keep a schedule and get dressed every morning to stay productive, we also need to take extra measures to protect cybersecurity from our home office. 

Our partners over at Awarego have put together a great list of cybersecurity tips for working at home and are offering a working from home module in their free trial. Check it out here

Now is the perfect time to focus on education and training

It is both inevitable and unfortunate that many businesses will see a down time due to the current situation with the coronavirus. It’s more important now than ever to use that time wisely. One way in which businesses can use this time is to focus on the education and training of their teams so that we all come out of this stronger and with even more invaluable skills. 

For those who are unable to work from home, but find themselves with extra time on their hands, it’s also a great time to learn new skills or fine tune the ones we already have. 

Interested in honing your team's secure coding skills?

Just as we need to understand how this new virus behaves in order to stop it, we need to understand the hacker mindset in order to stop cyber attacks. Here at Adversary we offer a free trial to our secure coding platform. What better time to invest in security skills?

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